Celestial Allure By Kiss From Fleur

It's pretty rare that we come across editorials that completely blow us away but Kiss From Fleur really created magic with this shoot! The heavenly star-struck details, the cascading textiles, the moody swags of wild flora... all the makings of something completely ethereal. We caught up with Anna-Jill Gierhards about all of the details...


"Inspired by the mysticism and spirituality between heaven and earth, a beguiling beauty invites us into her celestial world. Naturally & perfectly imperfect, her eyes sparkle like little orbs while her dress shimmers like a beautiful galaxy..."


What makes a Kiss From Fleur event?

"Authentic feelings, pure passion, and memorable experiences for brides with a true desire for that certain something – that is the heart of Kiss from Fleur. I offer one-of-a-kind designs and modern styles that are not found within bridal magazines. My goal is to link fashion trends and designs with an artistic flair and to redefine the styling of boutique events of all kinds."


What was the inspiration behind creating this scene?

"I like to create a bespoke atmosphere and mood for every couple. I worked as fashion designer for the last ten years and I compare this to creating a collection. I start with the venue (like with a white canvas) and then fill it with the couples' personality, style and trend directions, decorations, mood and pick matching vendors who understand my vision.

Floating fabrics elegantly emphasize dark plum and deep black: an arrangement of orchids as a recurring, earthly element next to black plates as symbol of fascinating mythology.

Following the plate´s constellation some hand-made stationery with artful calligraphy gets us in the right mood for this celestial inspiration. Like this delicate ring that seems like it was made of a thousand little stars.

Sparkling like this piece of jewelry are the two modern brides appearing with glittering moons in their hair and shiny accents on black velvet pumps. As plain and clean her dresses are also excitingly glamorous in their beauty. Delicate, yet impossible to overlook they radiate this magic glow almost like the rising moon next to them.

The minimalistic brides brought the metallic moon down to earth to sway in its big silver crescent and dream of their big day. The big day on which they will speak their vows like “You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars” and lay the world to their sweetheart´s feet.

This new style runs like a metallic thread through used textures, hand-made stationery and the angelic celestial cake to strive for perfection in the widths of the universe..."


How can couples incorporate magic and personality into their wedding day?

"Do not be pushed by traditions you feel that you must stick to. If you feel like getting married with only with 10 people around, please do. Also, let somebody help you with all the organization so that you as a couple can really enjoy your wedding day and all of the special moments!"



Wedding Planning and Event Styling (Concept, Decoration, Flowers) & Cake Design by Kiss from Fleur, Fine Art Photography by Cornelia Lietz, Hair & Make Up by Natalie Arslan, Venue via Anna van Neerhave, Headpieces by Naturae Design, Orchidee Choker by Yves Saint Laurent, Stationery by Nice Plume, Dresses - Anna Campbell 'Sydney', Rime Arodaky 'Suki' & 'Pearl', A La Robe 'Demi Sequin Top' & 'Juliette Dress'  via Wild Heart Bridal, Models Janice & Lia, Table Runner & Ribbons by Silk and Willow, Ceramics and Cutlery by Astier de Villatte, Glasses by Malfatti Glass

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